Hello Oriental, Manchester

Hello Oriental is the exciting new market hall and dining destination in the South Pavilion of Symphony Park at the heart of Circle Square, Manchester.

Our Client wanted to deliver the very best Asian and Oriental produce to their customers but needed a flagship venue that would bring their vision to life. Our brief was to create an atmospheric and vibrant street food setting to complement their Chinese and Vietnamese food offer. The development is spread across three floors, two of which are subterranean. The venue’s focal point will be a food hall that will serve everything from Chinese roast meats and dim sum to East Asian street food. This will be supported by a modern Chinese bakery and an on-site supermarket which will sell all the international products and ingredients that are cooked on-site, allowing customers the opportunity to try and buy authentic products.

Our challenge was how to attract passers-by into the development given that the ground floor footprint was only 50sqm (which included a 9sqm passenger lift) whilst optimising views down to the basement. This was achieved by:
– Extending the ground floorplate to provide a more commercially viable retail area for the Chinese bakery and café.
– Considering the visitor journey from the entrance to the basement. A sensual timber undulating ceiling catches your attention as soon as you approach the unit and draws your eye down into the basement. The open staircase acts as a viewing platform to see the activity on each level.
– Engaging local artists to make their mark on some of the key areas at the venue to promote Manchester talent.

Efforts to reduce embodied carbon have been made wherever possible through:
– Reusing and adapting the temporary site staircase
– Specification of low carbon building materials and FCS timber
– Exposing the concrete ceilings where possible.

Gas hobs use fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global warming. Unusually for an Asian food outlet, induction hobs will be utilised as a more energy efficient heat source (85-90% of the heat energy generated will be used for cooking in comparison to 65-70% for gas) their installation will also reduce the heat and pollution build up within the unit.

Hello Oriental Image 1
Hello Oriental Image 2

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